Bobby Chao’s 私房菜

For Delivery and Take-out, call +1 (403) 207-7840

Chinese food has evolved and developed over time. We are dedicated to offering a selection which is known for its contrast and variety.

Bobby Chao's convenient location, exceptional cuisine and affordable prices make it a natural choice for dine-in or take-out. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Private dining is available.

We serve the food you like!


私房菜交通位置方便,獨特的美食和實惠的價格,除堂食外, 亦為食客供應外賣或送餐服務。本餐館提供每日午市及晚宴服務,更附設貴賓房,歡迎客人預定。


Bobby Chao's Restaurant strives for harmony of appearance, aroma, taste and texture with every single dish. With over 30 years of experience as an Executive Chef at top restaurants in both Canada and Asia, owner Bobby Zhao offers an unforgettable menu which refines and consolidates the spirit of four main styles, Beijing, Shanghai, Szechuan and Canton to create a selection of distinctly unique dishes. We offer delicious Dim Sum daily.


A cha chaan teng (literally: 'tea restaurant') is a type of restaurant commonly found in Hong Kong, Macau and parts of Guangdong. They are known for eclectic and affordable menus, which include dishes from Hong Kong cuisine and Hong Kong-style Western cuisine. Since the mass migration of Hong Kong people in the 1980s they are also commonplace in many Western countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States

Stay 22 Café serves a variety of traditional Chinese barbeque and marinated meat dishes that are delectable and filling. It’s one of the best Chinese restaurants in Calgary. The most popular order included Roasted Duck, Roasted Side Pork, Honey Sauce BBQ Pork, Special Royal Chicken.

Besides, we also serve a host of expertly prepared Vietnamese dishes, such as Grilled Pork Dumplings, Bobby’s Special Beef Noodle Soup, Charbroiled Chicken on Rice Vermicelli, and Seafood in Satay Noodle Soup.


聚點茶餐廳的燒臘出品更嚮譽卡城, 招牌明爐燒鴨,脆皮燒腩肉,蜜汁义燒,貴妃走地雞,保證食過讚不絕口。